Xbox Chief Asserts Halo Infinite Doesn’t Need Battle Royale

The battle royale genre has undeniably revolutionized multiplayer gaming. However, Xbox’s Phil Spencer believes that Halo Infinite doesn’t require a battle royale mode to succeed.

In a recent interview with IGN, Spencer explained Halo Infinite’s focus on traditional multiplayer gameplay:

“With numerous innovations and evolutions in FPS multiplayer over the years, there’s something refreshingly pure about returning to a Halo Arena experience. The gameplay is clean and tightly executed. Currently, there aren’t many games on our platform revisiting and perfecting this classic formula, and that’s precisely what our team aims to achieve.”

Halo Infinite is Not a “Make or Break” Moment for the Franchise

Spencer emphasized that Halo Infinite isn’t a critical juncture for the series. He confidently stated that Halo has a secure future:

“Halo will still be around 10 years from now. Is Infinite the key to its long-term survival? Absolutely not. The game boasts a dedicated fanbase and rich lore that ensures its longevity. We don’t take this for granted, but I genuinely believe this in my core. I never want to put our team under pressure by suggesting this release must be a decisive hit.”

A Live Service Game with Room to Grow

Halo Infinite is designed as a “live service” game, meaning it will continuously evolve and expand. This allows it to adapt to new gaming trends over time. While Spencer asserts that Halo Infinite doesn’t need a battle royale mode, he acknowledges the possibility of its inclusion in the future.

Do you think Halo needs a battle royale mode? Share your thoughts with us.

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