Top Games to Play While Awaiting Men of War II

While you eagerly await the release of Men of War II on May 15th, you can still immerse yourself in some fantastic real-time strategy (RTS) and World War II-themed games. Men of War II promises intense, story-driven campaigns and engaging skirmish modes, but there are other games that can scratch that strategic itch in the meantime. Here are some top picks to keep you entertained.

Best Games Like Men of War II

Company of Heroes 2

First on the list is Company of Heroes 2. Despite being released in 2013, this game remains a standout in the RTS genre and is often preferred over its newer sequel, Company of Heroes 3. Set during World War II, Company of Heroes 2 offers a compelling mix of strategic gameplay and historical narratives. It holds up remarkably well and provides a similar experience to Men of War II, with its focus on tactical decision-making and dynamic battlefield environments.

Steel Division 2

Next, we have Steel Division 2, another World War II RTS that features 1:1 scale army management and incorporates turn-based elements. Steel Division 2 delves deeper into military strategy, offering a more detailed and vehicle-focused gameplay experience. If you’re a fan of tanks and planes, you’ll appreciate the meticulous attention to detail in the models and the strategic depth of commanding these units in battle.

Manor Lords

Although Manor Lords isn’t set during World War II, its strategic planning and management elements make it a worthy mention. This medieval strategy game combines city building and economic management with large-scale battles. You’ll step into the shoes of a medieval lord, guiding your people through various challenges and seasons. Manor Lords provides a satisfying strategic experience that resonates with fans of the genre.

Age of Empires 4

Another excellent choice is Age of Empires 4. While it doesn’t focus on World War II, it spans across various historical periods, offering a rich and diverse RTS experience. You can lead your civilization from the dawn of humankind to the modern era, making strategic decisions that shape the course of history. Age of Empires 4 is a masterclass in the genre, providing endless hours of strategic gameplay.

Hell Let Loose

Lastly, we have Hell Let Loose. Although it’s not a traditional strategy game, this first-person shooter set in World War II offers intense, large-scale battles with up to 100 players. The game features a unique RTS meta-game mode, allowing you to plan strategies and coordinate with your team. Whether you’re engaging in fierce firefights or commanding artillery, Hell Let Loose offers a thrilling and immersive wartime experience.


These games offer a variety of strategic and immersive experiences that can keep you entertained while you wait for Men of War II. From the detailed historical battles of Company of Heroes 2 and Steel Division 2 to the strategic planning of Manor Lords and Age of Empires 4, and the intense action of Hell Let Loose, there’s something here for every strategy enthusiast. Dive in and flex those strategic muscles!

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Top Games to Play While Awaiting Men of War II

While you eagerly await the release of Men of War II on May 15th, you can still immerse yourself in ... Read more
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