The Last of Us 2 Relationship Could Be Even More Crucial in TLoU 3’s Story

The Last of Us franchise has captivated players with its deep and emotional storytelling, primarily focusing on the intricate relationship between Ellie and Joel. Since the series’ inception, their bond has been its emotional core. However, with Joel’s tragic death at the hands of Abby in The Last of Us 2, Ellie is left to navigate a world without her surrogate father. This pivotal event not only shifted the narrative focus but also introduced new dynamics, particularly Ellie’s relationship with Dina, which could play an even more significant role in The Last of Us 3.

Ellie’s Journey Without Joel

Joel’s death was a seismic moment in the gaming world, propelling Ellie on a relentless quest for revenge. Throughout this journey, Ellie is accompanied by her girlfriend Dina and their friend Jesse. The complexity of their relationships is heightened when it’s revealed that Dina is pregnant with Jesse’s child, adding layers of tension and danger to their already perilous mission. This storyline reaches its climax when Ellie, driven by vengeance, leaves Dina and the newborn JJ behind to confront Abby one last time.

The Potential Continuation of Ellie and Dina’s Relationship

Despite the turmoil and heartache, Ellie and Dina’s relationship may not be over. After failing to kill Abby, Ellie returns to find Dina and JJ gone, presumably having returned to Jackson. This leaves Ellie in a state of reflection and potential readiness to move past her grief and loss. At the end of The Last of Us 2, Ellie appears to be on a path to healing, realizing that revenge did not bring the closure she sought. As she walks away from the empty farmhouse, it suggests she may be heading towards Jackson, possibly seeking reconciliation with Dina.

Moving Beyond Grief

Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us 3 could be one of redemption and rebuilding. With Dina, Ellie had glimpsed a possible future filled with love and family, a stark contrast to the violence and vengeance that consumed her. If Dina can find it within herself to forgive Ellie, they might rekindle their relationship and give Ellie the chance at the happiness she deserves. The evolution of Ellie’s character hinges on her ability to move on from the past and find peace, something that could be beautifully explored in the next installment.

The Future of The Last of Us

While there is no official confirmation from Naughty Dog about a third chapter, director and writer Neil Druckmann has hinted at having ideas for another game. This potential sequel could place a significant emphasis on Ellie and Dina’s relationship, showcasing Ellie’s growth and capacity for forgiveness. By focusing on Ellie’s emotional recovery and her attempt to build a life with Dina and JJ, The Last of Us 3 could provide the character with the closure and happiness she has long been denied.

A New Direction for the Series

The Last of Us franchise stands at a crossroads. The next game could delve into Ellie’s efforts to find Dina and reconcile, offering a poignant and hopeful narrative amidst the series’ often bleak backdrop. This relationship holds immense potential for character development, allowing players to witness Ellie’s transformation and healing.

In conclusion, the relationship between Ellie and Dina could be pivotal in The Last of Us 3, offering a chance for Ellie to find solace and happiness. By exploring this dynamic, Naughty Dog has the opportunity to create a narrative that is not only compelling but also deeply human, providing a fitting continuation to one of gaming’s most emotionally charged series.

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