The Far Cry Franchise: A Perfect Successor to The Division Heartland’s Vision

The Far Cry series, one of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises, has been shrouded in mystery regarding its future direction. Despite various rumors circulating about the next installment, Ubisoft has maintained a tight-lipped stance. However, with the recent cancelation of The Division Heartland, there’s a golden opportunity for Far Cry to inherit and elevate the compelling concept initially planned for The Division spin-off.

The Division Heartland’s Legacy

The abrupt cancelation of The Division Heartland has been one of the biggest surprises this month. The highly anticipated spin-off was designed to offer a free-to-play multiplayer experience set in a pandemic-ravaged small town in the American Midwest. Announced three years ago, its sudden demise left fans disappointed. Yet, the concept need not be abandoned altogether. Transferring this idea into the Far Cry universe could result in a captivating new direction for the series.

Why Far Cry is the Ideal Fit

Far Cry has a rich history of co-op gameplay but has yet to fully embrace the live service model. While live service games can be controversial, they can also offer engaging and dynamic experiences when executed well. The survival gameplay central to The Division Heartland aligns perfectly with the themes and mechanics that Far Cry is known for. Integrating a free-to-play multiplayer aspect into Far Cry, especially set in a familiar American heartland environment, feels like a natural evolution for the series.

Revisiting the American Midwest

Far Cry 5’s setting in Hope County, Montana, showcased the potential of an American Midwest backdrop. This setting could serve as an excellent foundation for adapting The Division Heartland’s survival-centric multiplayer concept within the Far Cry framework. Although the pandemic theme might be shelved, the survival elements can still thrive, offering players a rich and immersive experience.

Innovating Far Cry’s Formula

Current rumors suggest that Far Cry 7 might break away from the franchise’s established traditions. Speculations include an in-game timer and a fictional island setting off the coast of Korea, indicating a willingness to innovate. Adding a deep, online multiplayer mode could further rejuvenate the series, making it feel fresh and relevant. Whether integrated into Far Cry 7 or developed as a standalone spin-off, this approach could diversify the gameplay experience, blending robust campaign elements with compelling multiplayer options.

Embracing Survival and Multiplayer

If Far Cry 7 doesn’t include a comprehensive multiplayer mode, a spin-off could be the next best step. A standalone multiplayer title could explore Far Cry’s themes from a new angle, emphasizing the survivalist gameplay that has become synonymous with the franchise. Adapting The Division Heartland’s framework within Far Cry’s universe allows the concept to flourish, offering players a unique and engaging experience that respects the original vision while leveraging Far Cry’s strengths.


The Far Cry series stands at a crossroads, with the potential to reinvent itself by embracing elements from The Division Heartland. By integrating survival-focused, multiplayer gameplay into its established formula, Far Cry can offer a fresh, engaging experience for players. Whether as part of the next main installment or a standalone spin-off, this direction could mark a thrilling new chapter for the beloved franchise.

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