Rough Justice: ’84 (PC) Review

Many years ago, I enjoyed playing Yahtzee with my cousins, a seemingly simple dice game that quickly turned chaotic and competitive as we raced to gain points. The game relied heavily on luck, but also required a surprising amount of strategy, akin to casino games. While I’ve heard tales of people who claim they can roll a six on command, I’ve yet to master that art. Regardless of your dice-rolling prowess, the spotlight is on dice today as we delve into Rough Justice: ’84, a game that skillfully blends strategy with luck.

Developed by Gamma Minus UG, Rough Justice: ’84 draws inspiration from strategic board games and incorporates an element of luck with its dice-rolling mechanic. Set in the 1980s, you manage a team of freelance agents in a private security agency based in Seneca City, a metropolis plagued by crime. Your mission is to solve various cases in this city, where the vibrant retro neon lights, diverse characters, and techno soundtrack add a nostalgic flair reminiscent of other 80s-inspired games.

The Story Unfolds

My first task was to recruit a group of agents, which is deceptively simple in Rough Justice: ’84. Each agent has unique stats and abilities that determine their dice-rolling capacity during missions. Reading their bios provides insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and personalities, though I opted to dive straight into missions and earn rewards to upgrade my team. The characters feel human, balanced by their flaws and quality traits, adding a layer of realism to the game. Unlike infallible heroes like Sherlock Holmes or James Bond, these agents are refreshingly relatable.

Diving into the Action

Once my team was assembled, I jumped into my first case, carefully selecting the most qualified agents. Success in Rough Justice: ’84 hinges on strategic planning and resource management. Gear Cards, which can significantly aid during missions, are powerful yet temporary. Even in failure, more cases awaited, and each success brought new items to my arsenal. The game’s shops offer a variety of gear, from firearms to flashlights, ensuring that resources were always within reach. My only concern was the potential repetition in mechanics, particularly the dice rolling. Fortunately, the inclusion of mini-games ranging from encrypted text challenges to mathematical puzzles kept the gameplay engaging and mentally stimulating.

Engaging Storylines and Strategic Depth

Each case in Rough Justice: ’84 comes with a rich storyline, keeping the game fresh and immersive. Unexpected scenarios often arise, demanding quick thinking and impulsive decision-making. While the game’s pace is generally laid back, a bit more chaos could enhance the atmosphere, reflecting the high-stakes nature of an agent’s career. Personally, I’d enjoy the added challenge of my decisions having life-or-death consequences for my agents, although my penchant for creating chaos in games like The Sims suggests this could lead to some dramatic outcomes.

A Unique and Replayable Experience

With its stellar voice acting, captivating art style, and nostalgic 80s soundtrack, Rough Justice: ’84 offers a unique, replayable, and immersive experience. The initial learning curve can be steep, but once you grasp the basics, the game’s environment becomes fully engaging. While some elements can become routine, the ability to choose different agents and buy upgrades keeps the gameplay dynamic and customizable.

You can find Rough Justice: ’84 on Steam. Do you have what it takes to lead a team of vengeance-driven agents and bring justice to Seneca City?

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