Monster Hunter Wilds: A Turning Point for Player Characters

Monster Hunter fans are eagerly anticipating an in-depth look at Monster Hunter Wilds, the highly anticipated sixth-generation entry in the beloved franchise. Since its announcement in December 2023, the excitement has been palpable, with fans hungry for new content following the success of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise. Promising a broader play space and new gameplay mechanics, Monster Hunter Wilds is set to take the series to new heights.

Teasing a New Era in Monster Hunting

The reveal trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds hinted at a return to the more grounded aesthetic and hunting approach reminiscent of Monster Hunter World, while incorporating the dynamic movement abilities seen in Monster Hunter Rise. Weather and environmental effects also seem to play a significant role in exploration and combat. However, one aspect that remains shrouded in mystery is the narrative framing, particularly whether the player’s Hunter will finally have a voice.

The Evolution of Voiced Dialogue in Monster Hunter

Historically, Monster Hunter games did not feature voiced dialogue. The series relied on a fictional gibberish language and text-based storytelling to keep the focus on the core hunting experience. This changed with Monster Hunter World, which introduced a voiced cinematic storyline. While this shift brought mixed reactions, it has since become a staple, with subsequent titles like Monster Hunter Rise and the Monster Hunter Stories spin-offs incorporating regular voice acting and more intricate plots.

The Silent Protagonist Dilemma

Despite these advancements, the player character has remained largely silent, even in cutscenes. Monster Hunter Rise made some strides by allowing player characters to speak full sentences during gameplay, but this felt more like a cosmetic feature than a meaningful narrative enhancement. As a result, the supporting cast has borne the burden of driving the story, struggling to meet the increasing demands for more complex storytelling.

Giving the Hunter a Voice in Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds has the potential to revolutionize this aspect by giving the player’s Hunter a full voice. This move would not only complete what Rise started but also add a new dimension to the player character. By allowing the Hunter to speak and exhibit a distinct personality and motivations, the game can create a more immersive and engaging experience. Customization could still be maintained, with players creating their avatars and choosing from a variety of voices and personalities.

Enhancing the Narrative Experience

Integrating a voiced protagonist could also address practical gameplay concerns. If Monster Hunter Wilds involves longer hunts and more time spent away from base camps, having a voiced Hunter would make the narrative flow more naturally. The need for characters like World’s Handler to speak on behalf of the player would be reduced, and the Hunter could interact more dynamically with the game world.

The Future of Monster Hunter Storytelling

By giving the playable Hunter a voice, Monster Hunter Wilds can push the series’ storytelling to the next level. This change would make the protagonist feel like a true part of the game’s setting, enhancing the overall narrative experience. With a few spoken lines and some dialogue choices, players can become more invested in their characters, making the world of Monster Hunter more immersive than ever before.


Monster Hunter Wilds represents a critical opportunity for the franchise to evolve, not just in terms of gameplay mechanics and visual fidelity but also in narrative depth. By giving the player character a voice, Capcom can elevate the series, offering a richer and more engaging experience that aligns with the increasingly ambitious scope of the Monster Hunter universe.

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