Mastering Democracy in Helldivers 2: Twenty Essential Tips

Helldivers 2 is an intense, action-packed game where you and your team spread democracy across the galaxy amidst relentless onslaughts from various enemies. It can get overwhelming quickly, but these twenty tips will help you keep your team alive and your mission successful.

1. Share Resources Wisely

All resources collected during a mission are shared among the team. There’s no need to fight over samples, war bonds, or other resources. Focus on the mission, and everyone will benefit equally.

2. Stratagems Are for Everyone

If you have a support weapon stratagem on cooldown that you don’t need, share it with your teammates. This helps ensure that everyone is well-equipped for the challenges ahead.

3. Use Pings Effectively

Pinging supplies and enemies helps everyone stay aware of their surroundings. Keep your teammates informed about key locations and threats to maintain a tactical advantage.

4. Announce Stratagem Deployments

Always communicate when you’re deploying a stratagem, especially powerful ones like the Orbital 380MM HE Barrage. This prevents accidental friendly fire and keeps your team coordinated.

5. Maximize Mission Time

Don’t rush to the main objective. Take the time to complete secondary objectives, gather resources, and explore. This will strengthen your loadout for future missions.

6. Bring the MG-43 Machine Gun

Ensure you have the MG-43 Machine Gun support stratagem ready. Its high capacity and power make it essential for dealing with tough enemies.

7. Avoid Friendly Fire

Be mindful of your teammates’ positions to prevent accidental injuries. Protecting your team from your own fire is crucial for survival.

8. Solo Players: Use the Guard Dog

By level 10, invest in the AX/LAS-5 “Guard Dog” Rover defence stratagem. Combined with a sentry gun, it provides vital support and protection for solo missions.

9. Target Weak Spots

Identify and focus on the weak spots of larger enemies. Communicate these locations to your team for more efficient takedowns.

10. Fortify Evacuation Zones

During evacuation, use mines, turrets, and other defensive stratagems to secure your position. Inform your team about their placements to avoid accidents.

11. Reinforce Teammates Quickly

Revive fallen teammates promptly. This not only gets them back in the fight faster but also increases your overall chances of success.

12. Reload Smartly

Avoid reloading after just a few shots. Remaining ammo is discarded when you reload, so conserve your bullets and reload strategically.

13. Use Prone Position for Defense

Dive into a prone position to reduce incoming damage and buy time to reload or heal. This can provide crucial moments of safety in chaotic battles.

14. Adjust Loadouts Based on Enemies

Tailor your weapons and stratagems to the enemies you’re facing. Incendiary and explosive weapons work best against Terminids, while EMP and laser weapons are effective against Automatons.

15. Coordinate Stratagems and Boosters

Work with your team to ensure a diverse set of stratagems and Hellpod boosters. This makes your group versatile and ready for any challenge.

16. Avoid Unnecessary Fights

Don’t engage every enemy patrol. Avoidable battles can drain your resources and extend mission times unnecessarily.

17. Deploy Area-of-Effect Stratagems Wisely

Aim area-of-effect stratagems at locations rather than specific enemies to maximize their impact. Avoid targeting agile enemies directly to prevent backfiring.

18. Improve Accuracy with Stances

Switch to crouching or prone positions to enhance your shooting accuracy. Use the first-person scope for precise shots at medium to long distances.

19. Utilize Run and Gun

Running and gunning can be a lifesaver when escaping from hordes. Use it to create distance and thin out enemy numbers.

20. Complete Orders for Extra Rewards

Check major and personal orders before each mission. Completing these objectives can earn you additional medals and boost your progress.


With these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the challenges of Helldivers 2. Stay coordinated, use resources wisely, and adapt your strategies to the situation at hand. Good luck, and may your mission to spread democracy be a resounding success!

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