Islands of Insight (PC) Review

Islands of Insight: A Game Expert’s Review

Reviewing games is always a mixed bag. Sometimes, I know I’ll thoroughly enjoy a title, and other times, I’m less enthusiastic from the outset. Islands of Insight, an open-world puzzle-adventure game by Lunarch Studios and Behaviour Interactive, didn’t fit neatly into either category. The intriguing visuals and diverse puzzles piqued my interest, but I had to dive in to see if this island adventure would captivate me.

Visuals and Performance

From the start, Islands of Insight impresses with its stunning visuals. The crystalline aesthetics and grandiose structures create a world that begs to be explored. Although the lore behind the characters and their purpose didn’t resonate with me, the player character designs were a highlight. This game is a visual treat, even if puzzles aren’t your thing. However, there’s a trade-off. Despite my system meeting the minimum requirements on Steam, the game struggled to run smoothly, even on low settings. This is a significant downside as the visual splendor is lost when you have to lower the graphics. My PC is on the lower end of the gaming spectrum, so those with more powerful systems might fare better.

Navigation and Puzzle Variety

Navigating this expansive world is surprisingly intuitive. Early in the game, you unlock abilities like double jump and glide, making it easy to traverse the large landscapes and structures. The movement mechanics are impressively smooth, a rarity for games not focused on platforming. Islands of Insight defies this norm, making it easy to access the myriad of puzzles scattered across its world. The game boasts over 10,000 puzzles, offering a vast variety. These include navigation-based puzzles like hidden archways and stone pairs, as well as mini-games like pattern-matching and match-3 challenges. While not all puzzles are equally enjoyable (glass mazes can be particularly frustrating), the variety ensures there’s something for everyone.

Puzzle Difficulty and Integration

I do have two main gripes with the puzzles. Firstly, they become extremely challenging. The logic puzzles, in particular, see a steep difficulty spike between the first and second levels. While players have the freedom to choose which puzzles to tackle, some mandatory puzzles are unforgiving. The hint feature is limited both in availability and usefulness. Secondly, the sheer number of puzzles makes the game world feel overcrowded. While balancing visual appeal with engaging content is tricky, better integration of some puzzles into the environment would have improved the overall experience.

Online Shared World Feature

It’s worth noting that Islands of Insight is an online, shared-world game. This feature, however, doesn’t significantly impact gameplay. Unless you’re keen on solving puzzles with friends, it’s an aspect you can largely ignore.


Islands of Insight has a lot to offer. The diverse puzzles keep the gameplay fresh, and the beautiful visuals enhance the overall experience—provided your system can handle it. Personally, my weaker PC and even weaker puzzle-solving skills mean I won’t continue playing it. However, for those with sharp minds and robust systems, Islands of Insight promises a rewarding adventure.

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