Halo Infinite Players Create Helldivers 2-Inspired Mode Using Forge

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has long been a hub of creativity, allowing players to craft and customize their own unique gameplay experiences. Now, a dedicated group of players is channeling their creativity to bring a touch of the cooperative gameplay from the smash-hit shooter Helldivers 2 to Halo Infinite. This new mode, dubbed Helljumpers, is being meticulously crafted using the powerful tools available in Forge mode.

The Forge Mode: A Brief Overview

Since its debut in 2022, Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has empowered players with robust in-game tools and a user-friendly interface to design custom levels, tweak gameplay mechanics, and create entirely new game elements. Inspired by the original Forge mode from Halo 3, this feature has been a cornerstone of the Halo community, enabling fans to produce a wide array of content, from custom maps and reimagined classic missions to ambitious projects like a Forge version of Skyrim’s city of Solitude.

Introducing Helljumpers

The Forge Falcons, a dedicated group of Forge users, announced their project, Helljumpers, in February 2024. This new mode aims to replicate the cooperative, squad-based gameplay that defines Helldivers 2. An update posted on the group’s official social media channels showcased the progress and teased several gameplay elements inspired by Helldivers 2, such as the integration of “stratagems” and a strong emphasis on cooperative play.

Helljumpers Features and Gameplay

Helljumpers is currently in a “pre-alpha” state with a projected launch window in June 2024. The mode will feature multiple engagements where players are dropped onto a large map to complete a series of main and side objectives. Players will face legions of AI-controlled enemies, formidable boss monsters, and procedurally generated events. This setup blends the mission-based structure of Helldivers 2 with elements reminiscent of the classic Halo 3 ODST Firefight mode.

One of the standout features of Helljumpers is the implementation of stratagems, a signature mechanic from Helldivers 2. These stratagems allow players to call in airstrikes, orbital attacks, supportive effects, and even fire the iconic Halo Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (MAC). This mechanic introduces a strategic layer to the cooperative gameplay, encouraging teamwork and tactical planning.

Bridging the Gap for Xbox Players

Helldivers 2, despite being a commercial success, is exclusive to PC and PS5, leaving Xbox console players without access to this acclaimed title. The Forge Falcons’ Helljumpers mode seeks to fill this gap, offering Xbox players a Helldivers 2-inspired experience within the Halo Infinite universe. This initiative not only showcases the versatility and creativity enabled by Forge mode but also highlights the passionate community driving the evolution of Halo Infinite’s gameplay.


The creation of Helljumpers by The Forge Falcons exemplifies the boundless creativity within the Halo Infinite community. By bringing the cooperative, strategic gameplay of Helldivers 2 to Halo Infinite, these players are not only expanding the game’s content but also bridging the gap for Xbox players yearning for a similar experience. As Helljumpers moves closer to its anticipated launch in June 2024, it promises to be a thrilling addition to the Halo Infinite universe, blending beloved elements from both franchises into a unique and engaging mode.

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