Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update Ruins a Fan’s Collection

A Fallout 4 player experienced a heartbreaking loss when their unique collection of picture frames was ruined following the game’s recent next-gen update. While the update aimed to enhance the game, it also brought several issues, breaking mods and introducing new bugs across various platforms.

Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update: Pros and Cons

Released on April 25, the eagerly anticipated next-gen update for Fallout 4 introduced several enhancements:

  • Higher Resolutions: Improved visual fidelity.
  • Performance and Quality Modes: Available for consoles.
  • Widescreen and Ultra-Widescreen Support: Enhanced experience for PC players.
  • New Weapons and Armor: Added content for players to enjoy.

However, despite these improvements, the update also caused significant problems.

A Fan’s Collection Destroyed

A player, known as squeasy-orange, shared their unfortunate experience on social media. They had painstakingly collected 16 unique picture frames featuring various images of people, pets, and landscapes. Following the update, these frames turned blank, erasing their hard-earned collection. According to squeasy-orange, transporting these items to their settlement was a time-consuming task, as putting them into inventory would render them blank.

New Bugs and Issues

The next-gen update also introduced a range of bugs. For example, players reported that some new guns were shooting giant exclamation points due to texture loading issues. Additionally, Xbox users found themselves unable to activate Performance mode, while Steam Deck users were prevented from changing visual settings.

Moreover, several popular mods were broken, causing frustration within the community. Notably, the highly anticipated Fallout: London mod had to be delayed due to these complications.

Community Reaction and Performance Improvements

The Fallout 4 community has had a mixed reaction to the update. Many are irritated by the new issues it has caused. On the other hand, some players have acknowledged the update’s benefits. For instance, the update fixed several long-standing bugs and significantly improved the game’s performance. Load times have notably decreased, with the PS5 version now loading in about 15 seconds compared to the previous 40 seconds on the PS4 version.

Despite these improvements, the new problems remain unresolved, leaving the community in a state of frustration and anticipation. It remains to be seen whether Bethesda will address these issues promptly.


The next-gen update for Fallout 4 has proven to be a double-edged sword, bringing both enhancements and new problems. While some players are enjoying the improved performance and visual upgrades, others, like squeasy-orange, are left dealing with the fallout (pun intended) of new bugs and broken mods. The community now waits to see if Bethesda will step in to resolve these issues and restore the game’s balance.

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