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Meet Our Team

Alex Johnson – Founder of The Game Reporter

Alex Johnson is the founder of The Game Reporter and a lifelong gamer with a passion for all things digital. With a background in computer science and game development, Alex launched The Game Reporter to share his love for gaming and provide a platform for in-depth reviews and news. When not leading the team or exploring new game worlds, Alex enjoys developing indie games and mentoring aspiring game designers.

Chloe Patel – Editor

Chloe Patel is a passionate gamer with a love for all things sci-fi and fantasy. With a background in journalism and a flair for creative writing, Chloe’s articles are both informative and engaging. When not immersed in the latest game, Chloe enjoys writing fan fiction, attending gaming conventions, and exploring the lore of their favorite game universes.

Jamie Martinez – Editor

Jamie Martinez is a seasoned game reviewer with over a decade of experience in the gaming industry. Known for their keen eye for detail and unbiased reviews, Jamie has a knack for uncovering hidden gems in the gaming world. Outside of gaming, Jamie enjoys modding games, building custom gaming rigs, and exploring the latest gaming technologies.